Universal Engraving (UE) is world-renowned in the engraving industry for its Unifraxion® and texture dies. Unifraxion® dies are the engraving industry’s premier refractive engraved dies, and you can use them to draw attention to your products by increasing their visual flair.

The Unifraxion® process uses dies with engraved micro embossed line patterns to give your images and designs unparalleled definition. Our Unifraxion®: Patterns and Textures book includes some of our most commonly used patterns, or we can help you create your own custom pattern.

We also offer texture patterns, which can be incorporated into an embossed image or used to texturize a substrate. Whether you’re looking for the texture of natural wood, the soft delicacy of fur, the sturdiness of brick, or the elegance of lace, our texture dies can make your designs come to life. As with our Unifraxion® patterns, you can create your own custom textures or choose from one of our dozens of stock texture patterns featured in the book.

The first thing you will notice upon opening the book is a design that uses our proprietary Unifraxion2. This technology allows us to create custom patterns for our customers. Unifraxion2 dies add more detail and movement than ever before, and we specifically create every pattern to give your product the edge you need. If none of our stock patterns tickle your fancy, we could use Unifraxion2 to create precisely what you require.

Unifraxion®: Patterns and Textures contains detailed instructions to help you order one of our engraved Unifraxion® or texture dies. Further into the book, you’ll find an extensive library of Unifraxion®, PaperTex™, and texture patterns, including…

  • 16 center point Unifraxion® patterns
  • 16 horizontal/vertical Unifraxion® patterns
  • 32 repeat Unifraxion® patterns
  • 8 SEC Unifraxion® patterns
  • 6 food and beverage Unifraxion® patterns
  • 24 PaperTex™ patterns
  • 48 Texture patterns

You can use our SEC Unifraxion® patterns to help authenticate your products with your logo. Our food and beverage Unifraxion® patterns can be used for products like yogurt, butter, chocolate, and coffee.

PaperTex™ patterns are inspired by classic paper textures. Textured paper can be very expensive, and our PaperTex™ patterns eliminate the need for you to buy textured paper and allow you to choose exactly where to put the texture.

We recommend that anyone interested in one of our Unifraxion® or texture dies purchases one of these books for only $15. Contact us to see and feel the difference with the Unifraxion®: Patterns and Textures book.

Universal Engraving continues to be a pioneer in the engraving industry. Every time you purchase one of our state-of-the-art engraved dies, you can feel confident that you will receive a product of the utmost quality that will, in turn, raise the quality of your products.

Are you interested in adding depth, lighting, movement, and texture to your products and designs? Take a look at our Unifraxion® and texture dies for narrow web flatbed applications. If you want to better understand the types of results our dies and textures can offer you, reach out to us to purchase the Unifraxion®: Patterns and Textures book.