Copper Dies for Sheet Fed Applications

Make the perfect impression with the industry’s finest copper photoetched dies

Our copper dies are manufactured from a specially developed copper alloy and photoetched using a refined, proprietary process that holds finite image detail. Our meticulous processes ensure that our copper dies are as parallel as possible, which can significantly reduce makeready on press.

Copper recuperates heat quickly—much faster than other metals. This makes it an excellent choice for foil stamping applications. Exceptional hardness results in a durable copper die that doesn’t “pit” or “nick” as easily as other engraved metals. With proper care and use, our copper dies are capable of stamping/embossing over 1 million impressions.

Copper sheet fed dies are most commonly used for flat foil stamping or Unifraxion® or texture, but are also an excellent choice for single-level embossing, intaglio, security enhancements, or letterpress.

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