Copper Dies for Sheet Fed Applications

Make the perfect impression with the industry’s finest copper photoetched dies

Our copper dies are manufactured from a specially developed copper alloy and photoetched using a refined, proprietary process that holds finite image detail. Our meticulous processes ensure that our copper dies are as parallel as possible, which can significantly reduce makeready on press.

Copper recuperates heat quickly—much faster than other metals. This makes it an excellent choice for foil stamping applications. Exceptional hardness results in a durable copper die that doesn’t “pit” or “nick” as easily as other engraved metals. With proper care and use, our copper dies are capable of stamping/embossing over 1 million impressions.

Copper sheet fed dies are most commonly used for flat foil stamping or Unifraxion® or texture, but are also an excellent choice for single-level embossing, intaglio, security enhancements, or letterpress.

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The Benefits of Using Copper Dies

Copper offers several advantages over aluminum and magnesium stamping dies, including:

1. Suitability for stamping intricate details and effects

If you need to stamp ultra-fine details or small fonts, there is no better choice than a copper hot stamp die. The photoetching process, combined with copper’s hardness, allows copper dies to hold the most intricate designs and delicate lines.

It is possible to create dazzling visual effects using copper dies. Our Unifraxion® copper dies use metallic hot stamping foil and fine engraved line patterns to impart definition to your designs. Copper’s ability to hold thin and overlapping lines also allows for the creation of texture effects, which can bring a design to life.

2. Outstanding durability over long production runs

Copper is an exceptionally hard metal, able to stand up to long production runs without nicking, pitting or image distortion. It is far more durable than softer metals like magnesium. Paired with its excellent heat conductivity, this trait ensures your copper dies can deliver consistent results throughout your production run.

3. Excellent heat retention and recuperation

Copper is one of the best heat conductors, and retains heat longer than magnesium. When heated on press, copper dies expand far less than other metal dies, and also recuperate heat more quickly once cooled. This makes them an excellent choice for hot foil stamping applications—especially on high speed equipment that tends to cool the temperature of the die more quickly.