In-Line Embossing/Debossing Dies

Reduce the number of passes from two to one and save valuable press set-up time

Our brass engraved in-line embossing/debossing dies are the perfect choice when die cutting and embossing or debossing in the same pass. Typically, this process is operated “cold” (without heat) and can be used on virtually any die cutting sheet fed press.

Universal Engraving in-line brass dies are specially designed for this time-saving process. Combining the engraved embossing/debossing die within the die cutting board saves valuable set-up time and a press pass. They are precision-engineered for tight tolerances and to perform the optimum debossing and embossing effects.

Our special in-line embossing/debossing pre-cast counters are made with a proprietary process that ensures a perfect fit.

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