About the UEI® Group

The UEI Group is a world leader in graphic finishing and related industries. The companies under UEI Group are stellar organizations in their own right and collectively they are unmatched for innovation, excellence and support for the industries that they serve. UEI Group companies manufacture engraved metal products, offer engraving supplies, as well as, a supplier of stamping foil, decorative glitter and makeready supplies. Our products are utilized to decorate, enhance, and add value to a wide range of diverse products.

Our member companies continually strive to provide the highest-quality, state-of-the-art technology, and distinctive products.

The UEI Group consists of Universal Engraving, Inc.; UEI® Systems; UEI® Falcontec and Infinity Foils®, Inc.

In 2020, we inaugurated our new UEI Group global headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, USA.

Mixed Dies

The UEI Group Companies

UEI Universal Engraving

Universal Engraving, Inc.

Universal Engraving, Inc. is one of the largest engraved die manufacturers in the world, manufacturing dies and tooling for hot stamping and embossing, as well as revolutionary lock-up technology. Established in 1982 as the engraving division of Universal Lustre Leaf (a foil company), Universal Engraving, Inc. later incorporated as a privately held company. In the last 40 years, Universal Engraving, Inc. has grown significantly, expanding their product line and production capacity and market reach.

UEI Infinity Foils Incorporated

Infinity Foils, Incorporated

Infinity Foils®, Inc., headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, USA, is a worldwide supplier of quality hot, cold, and digital stamping foils, decorative glitter and makeready supplies. Infinity’s unmatched vision combined with all the experience and backing of the UEI® Group has proven to be a winning solution for the foil stamping and embossing industry, compiling generations of talent, knowledge, understanding and innovation.

With eight warehouse locations, including two large converting facilities. Infinity® Foils, Inc. has continued to expand geographically to better service customers. Additionally, having global exposure as a UEI® Group company, has provided Infinity® Foils, Inc. with an increased presence in both traditional markets, as well as, emerging markets and applications.

UEI Falcontec

UEI® Falcontec® Ltd.

Located in the United Kingdom, UEI® Falcontec is the engraving sister company of Universal Engraving, Inc. UEI® Falcontec® offers a similar product line to Universal Engraving that includes dies and tooling for hot stamping and embossing, as well as revolutionary lock-up technology. Their location provides customers in Europe and the United Kingdom with quick turnaround. Backed with the same UEI® Group technology, support and knowhow, UEI® Falcontec® is a leader in engraving excellence.

UEI Systems

Infinity Foils de Mexico

Infinity Foils de Mexico is a leading supplier of quality stamping foils, and makeready supplies for Mexico. They support the graphic arts, plastics, and textile industries with creative solutions and innovative products for brilliant design enhancement. Infinity Foils de Mexico  has the support of the UEI® Group and the unmatched vision and experience to provide winning solutions for the decorative foil industries. Centrally located in Mexico, Infinity Foils de Mexico offers an impressive inventory of products that are available to ship quickly and conveniently throughout Mexico and surrounding Latin American countries.

Company Heritage

Our story is one of family tradition, vision, integrity and dedication to excellence.

In 1965, Mr. Glenn E. Hutchison moved to Kansas City, Kansas, USA to Dallas, Texas, USA to work as a sales representative in the hot stamping foil industry. Six years later, he was given the opportunity to purchase a foil manufacturing plant. Mr. Hutchison and his partner at the time, formed Universal Lustre Leaf, which manufactured and sold hot stamping foil for nearly ten years.

Hutchinson Family

Universal Lustre Leaf added an engraving division in 1976, which was later known as Universal Engraving. Then in 1982, Universal Lustre Leaf was split into two companies: Universal Stamping and Embossing Foils, Inc. (USE Foils) and Universal Engraving, Inc. Mr. Hutchison’s children went on to manage and perpetuate a highly successful company with USE FOILS, while Mr. Hutchison and his team of experts further developed Universal Engraving, Inc. into the world’s largest engraving company. UEI later added another engraving facility to its holdings: UEI® Falcontec, located in the United Kingdom.

To further exemplify a dedicated commitment to the foil stamping and embossing industry, Universal Engraving developed a new corporate identifier—the UEI Group—to affiliate all member UEI companies worldwide. With the UEI Group we can offer the markets we serve a total solution for foil stamping and embossing quality, knowledge, technical support and product innovation.

Universal Engraving has grown in capacity, capabilities and now employs hundreds of associates. Our main production facility is located in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. Universal Engraving is proud to boast that we are the only engraving company to employ a dedicated Research and Development Team.

Together, the Universal Engraving associates have clearly demonstrated that hard work, commitment and a passionate belief in your product can formulate the foundation of success.

Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement:

Universal Engraving, Inc. strives to generate a return on investment for its employee partners and shareholders that encourages and promotes their continuous contribution. We pride ourselves on the foundation on which the company was built and we are confident that Universal Engraving will be in business for years to come. Universal Engraving has a long history and will have an even longer history because we will meet and exceed our customer’s requirements through innovative technology while maintaining the lowest possible costs. We continue to grow with our employee partners by sharing their talents and knowledge to assure a competitive advantage in the graphic arts industry. Our talents and technology allow us to produce quality products in a safe and constructive work environment. Universal Engraving stands by its employee partners, the service that they provide, and the products that they produce.

Our Core Values and Beliefs:

  • Healthy and safe work environment
  • Continuous improvement and total quality leadership
  • Commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of our world environment
  • Honesty, integrity and trust
  • Enthusiasm, innovation and teamwork
  • Enhancing human potential
  • Profit is essential for our success
  • Cohesiveness, consistency and standardization
  • Industry leadership
  • Product leadership