Brass Dies for Sheet Fed Applications

An unrivaled combination of craftsmanship and precision manufacturing

Brass engraved dies from Universal Engraving are world renowned for their beauty, artistry and precision. As one of the world’s largest engraving companies, we can offer an extensive range of manufacturing methods to offer you the very best product for your application. Every brass die is engraved to the tightest tolerances to ensure the highest quality.

Our brass engraved dies are manufactured with a special alloy that is extremely durable, transfers heat well, and produces unrivaled engraved effects. The unique properties of our brass are ideally suited for multi-level dies, sculptured dies or dies that require specific bevels. It offers not only workability, but long-term durability and hardness. Our brass engraved dies are capable of stamping/embossing over 1 million impressions with proper use and storage.

Our highly-skilled brass engravers can engrave your design to employ artistic realism and true precision. Whether you are looking for intricate detail or realistic depth, brass engraved dies from Universal Engraving set the standard for excellence.

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