NW SpeedChase® NXT™

Experience easier lock-up, quicker changeover, lower costs and improved overall efficiency for Narrow Web applications

The NW SpeedChase® NXT™ System revolutionizes the way hot stamping and embossing flatbed dies and pre-cast counter forces are set up on a narrow web flatbed press!

With this system, lock-up is reduced to one NW UniLock-Up® steel plate for the engraved dies and one for the pre-cast counter forces. Job changeover can be accomplished, on average, in as little as one minute. We pre-mount and pre-register both the engraved dies and the counter forces onto the UniLock-Up® plates so they’re ready for the press right out of the box. Set-up and changeover can be done “hot” or “cold.”

The SpeedChase’s ergonomic design is lightweight and easy-to-handle—about 65% lighter than a traditional chase.

The system includes an NW SpeedChase® and an NW SpeedPlaten™ that use an NW UniLock-Up® Plate Ejector NXT™ box to quickly set up and change jobs.

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