Proofing Services

We offer several types of proofing services that can add tremendous value to your project. Each one is unique and let us help you select the right one for your application.
paper press proofing | Proofing Services | Universal Engraving

Paper Press Proofs

At your request and for a small fee, we can proof your engraved dies or cylinders with either your stock and foil or ours, before we ship the die to you. These are ideal for your press operator so they know the type of effect that can be achieved with the engraved die. They are also a very cost-effective way to show a customer a proof before the job is ran- perfect for jobs that register the foil to the embossing.

digital proofing | Proofing Services | Universal Engraving

Digital Proofs

For embossing dies, our digital proofs are the perfect solution. We create these to show you what your engraved die will look like- before we ever start engraving the metal. With the digital proof: you know what to expect before the engraved die arrives, you can send the digital proof to your customer in advance for approval, or make modifications that you hadn’t anticipated which saves valuable time and money.

Motion Proofs

Take the digital proof one step further and see what lighting and motion can do for the proof.