UniLock-Up® NXT™

Achieve the fastest changeover in the industry with this revolutionary die lock-up system, designed for the SpeedChase®

Designed for use with the SpeedChase®, the UniLock-Up® NXT™ die lock-up system allows you to achieve efficiencies previously unimagined. This proprietary system ensures proper die registration and reduces set-up time by limiting the lock-up to one large steel plate!

Through precision engineering, we work with your press layout to engrave, pre-mount and lock the brass or copper engraved dies to the specially designed steel plate, which can then be securely affixed to the SpeedChase®.

When used with the SpeedChase®, the UniLock-Up® NXT™ die plates can be locked up in less than 15 minutes—the fastest changeover system in the industry.

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