Copper Dies for Narrow Web Flatbed Applications

The precision and image detail of flat engraved copper stamping and single-level embossing dies, now available for narrow web flatbed applications

Engraved hot stamping and embossing copper dies have been used for years in the sheet fed industry and now used in narrow web flatbed applications. The demand for narrow web flatbed hot stamping and single-level embossing continues to grow because of the results they produce.

Expertise, artistry and engraving knowhow have helped to establish Universal Engraving as leaders in engraved foil stamping and embossing flatbed dies for narrow web applications. We also manufacture the necessary pre-cast counter forces.

Our copper narrow web flatbed dies are manufactured with our proprietary photoengraving process that holds finite image detail. They are extremely durable, with a hardness of 94 HRF, and recuperate heat quickly. Heat compensation is available for perfect fit/register.

Your copper dies will include the necessary mounting holes for any narrow web flatbed rotary machine. However, to further enhance your operations, we also offer an innovative NW UniLock-Up® system and the NW SpeedChase for narrow web presses.

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