Sheet Fed Dies

Universal Engraving produces an array of dies for sheet fed applications, helping you deliver accurate and highly detailed impressions. These dies are manufactured from specially developed alloys and finely photoetched or engraved to the tightest tolerances to ensure the highest quality.

copper plate | Sheet Fed Dies | Universal Engraving

Copper Photoetched Dies

Make the perfect impression with the industry’s finest copper engraved dies 

Brass Flower

Brass Dies

An unrivaled combination of craftsmanship and precision manufacturing

copper | Sheet Fed Dies | Universal Engraving

Unifraxion® & Texture Dies

Break away from the pack with the industry’s premier refractive and textured engraved dies
bohler strip | Sheet Fed Dies | Universal Engraving

In-Line Embossing/Debossing Dies

Reduce the number of passes from two to one and save valuable press set-up time
Precast Counter | Sheet Fed Dies | Universal Engraving

Pre-Cast Counters

Expedite makeready and produce unmatched detail and depth in the impression

Types of Sheet Fed Dies

Copper Dies

Manufactured from a specially developed copper alloy, these copper photoetched dies can stamp or emboss 1 million impressions. An excellent choice for hot foil stamping or single-level embossing.

Brass Dies

Renowned across the world for their precision and artistry, our brass engraved dies are durable and produce unrivaled engraved effects. Perfect for multi-level dies, combination (fluted) dies, sculptured dies, or specific bevels.

Unifraxion® & Texture Dies

The industry’s premier refractive engraved dies, Unifraxion® brings light, depth and movement to your design.

In-Line Embossing/Debossing Dies

Perfect for clients who need to emboss or deboss and die cut at the same time, our in-line embossing/debossing dies are the time-saving tool you need.