UniFlex® Flexible Dies

An excellent choice for hot stamping that provides fast and reliable changeover

UniFlex® flexible rotary die are an alternative to solid rotary brass or steel engraved rotary cylinders. Available only from Universal Engraving, this revolutionary option opened the door to the narrow web market for foil stamping with efficiency.

UniFlex® is a flexible copper die with a unique steel backing that is securely held onto a heated magnetic cylinder. UniFlex® hot stamping dies offer superior precision and performance combined with fast, easy and reliable changeovers in 10 minutes or less!

Benefits of UniFlex® Rotary Dies

UniFlex® heated rotary dies offer a host of benefits:

  • Higher throughput. Increase your production rate and avoid pausing the progress of substrate through machinery. Suitable for mass production of a high volume of substrate. 
  • Ideal for foiling. Applicable to foiling and other hot stamping methods. 
  • Higher precision. Improved accuracy compared to alternatives.
  • Rapid changeovers. Swap out one flexible die for another in about 10 minutes without any of the usual hassles. 
  • Made to spec. Get dies that accurately represent your designs. 
  • Speedy turnaround times. Process materials rapidly so you can meet client deadlines.
  • No surcharge for image complexity. Prices for dies increase with the area, not the intricacy of inscription.

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