Econofoil® 2mm Sleeves/Mandrels

A revolutionary hot stamping product that lowers costs, improves efficiency and speed.

The Econofoil® system is the latest flexible rotary tooling product offering from Universal Engraving. It utilizes a customizable die sleeve that fits onto a reusable and economically priced mandrel. A 2mm wide seam increases the overall usable space of the sleeve, allowing more flexibility with the artwork and potentially increasing the number of repeats per sleeve. There is no other product on the market that produces the efficiencies and cost-savings that Econofoil 2mm does. A very user-friendly system that makes changeover easy and quick.

Econofoil® 2mm die sleeves are manufactured from a special copper and steel-backed metal that offers the right combination of flexibility and rigidity needed for easy sleeve mounting and removal.

The majority of Econofoil® 2mm die sleeves weigh less than 5 lbs. (2 kgs), making them easy to handle and store.

Econofoil® 2mm dies typically cost between 40–60% less than engraved brass hot stamping cylinders. They are designed to run on Econofoil® 2mm aluminum mandrels, which are one-third the price of a magnetic cylinder used for a UniFlex® die. Econofoil® 2mm tools are priced on the overall size of the sleeve, not on image complexity.

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