At Universal Engraving (UE), everything we do relies on our customer service team. We would not be nearly as successful without our amazing customer service representatives (CSRs). Our CSRs are essential to building relationships with our customers through their daily interactions with them.

The success of our customer service team falls on the shoulders of our Customer Service Manager, Diane Garcia. However, we couldn’t think of anyone who is better suited for this difficult job.

Introducing Diane Garcia

Diane Garcia has been an integral part of UE for more than 36 years. In 1985, she entered into the business having just graduated from high school. Back then, she worked in an accounting position, but after just a year, she was promoted to a customer service role. Diane has been the head of our customer service team ever since.

Diane leaves work every day with the satisfaction of knowing that she has made a difference in the lives of our customers and benefitted them in some way or another. This sense of pride in her duties is something that Diane tries to instill in our CSRs as well.

UE has always been a family-oriented company. We try to treat our customers as if they are part of our own team. Nobody embodies this goal quite the same way as Diane Garcia, who wakes up each morning with a smile on her face, wondering what challenges the day will bring and how she will continue UE’s legacy of excellent customer service interaction.

Why our customer service representatives are so successful

At UE, we have a CSR team that handles daily the large volume of order processing as well as numerous personal customer interactions. Each CSR is fully aware that they are integral to the customer journey, so they will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is always satisfied. Each CSR is entrusted to take care of both the customer and their order.

Engraving foil stamping and embossing dies is a very niche industry. Our CSRs have to be extremely educated on the intricacies and nuances of our products as well as the equipment, substrates and processes our products can be used with.

Our CSRs are trained directly by Diane, and hiring a new CSR requires a long training period. Because of the complexity of the industry and the knowledge that is expected, full training of a new CSR can take years. We understand this training process and always have more senior CSR working together with the new hires—it’s a very learned process. Our CSRs are definitely essential personnel because of their knowledge and customer-facing interactions.

Diane makes sure to meet with each one of our CSRs individually on a monthly basis. It is in this meeting that Diane and the CSR discuss industry changes, technology enhancements and new UE products or processes.

Diane uses this time to also educate the team regarding possible challenges made in the department to help everyone to better understand and she makes it a learning opportunity sure everyone is properly informed of the mistake and steps are taken to avoid the mistake being made a second time.

Since our CSRs are communicating directly with our customers, it is imperative that they provide the best customer service experience possible. From order entry to handling customer questions, it is up to our CSR team to communicate clearly and thoroughly with other UE team members, including the Direct Sales team, production, and management.

UE has always received excellent feedback from our customers about our CSR team, supporting our assertion that we have one of the best approaches to customer service in the industry. Our CSRs believe in putting the customer first and work hard to build their customer relationships—and many become friendships that endure the test of time.

This is a crucial element of customer service. We want our interactions with our customers to be personable. We want to make sure that our customers feel absolutely comfortable approaching us with any question or product request. That is the Universal Engraving way.

Navigating complicated processes

The manufacturing of dies and die lock-up technology is an incredibly complicated process. At UE, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and take measures to ensure that our customers can count on our team to consistently and reliably produce quality products.

To this end, our CSRs have to be knowledgeable about every aspect of UE’s processes. Through our stringent education process and the assimilated knowledge gained, our CSRs can provide our customers with the top-notch expertise that they need and require.

Our customers depend on us and our CSR team understands this. It’s not unusual to find any of our CRS working early or staying late for the sake of our customers. We do what it takes, always putting our customers first.

Customer service on a global scale

UE services customers all over the globe but treats everyone like their next-door neighbor. As a member company of the UEI Group, UE will also partner (as needed) with one of our other subsidiary companies, such as UEI Falcontec headquartered in the United Kingdom, when necessary to satisfy engraved die orders throughout the world. This is one of the many benefits doing business with a UEI Group company. We have the resources to satisfy the customer, regardless of where they are in the world.

In recent years, to better aid our customers worldwide, UE created a network of Market Developers (MDs) in various global regions to support our UE products. While UE is handling all of the manufacturing, the MD’s act as an additional sales arm for us. They are available to help customers on a more localized level. This unique relationship is important to UE, and we have strategically placed our MDs geographically in Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, and throughout South America.

In order to more effectively communicate with our MDs, Diane has integrated a program within her CSR team to support the MDs with adjustments in their hours. It is just one more way UE’s CSR team puts the customer first.

More recently, we also have a team of CSRs who speak both Spanish and English, giving our Spanish-speaking customers the versatility and ability to interact in Spanish.

Partner with Universal Engraving!

UE is well known for its dedication to customer service and taking care of every customer, no matter how big or small they may be —everyone is important to UE! As the world’s leading manufacturer of brass and copper dies, as well as die lock-up technology, we understand that it’s our loyal customers who have helped push us to the top.

That is why it is important to us that we have a first-in-class CSR team that is trained to take care of our customers and their orders. We do everything in our power to provide exactly what it is our customers need —simply put, we do what it takes!

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