Universal Engraving, Inc., Infinity® Foils, Inc., and UEI® Falcontec® are considered “Essential Businesses” that provide key raw material components to customers who serve the pharmaceutical, medical, hygiene, food and beverage industries. With that said, we will take the necessary safety precautions in order to remain open to manufacture and supply products to businesses.

Our goal is to continue to provide fantastic products and services to our customers while keeping our employees that make this possible safe. We understand that things will look different for awhile but are taking measures to ensure high-quality products make it to our valued customers.

This is an ever-changing situation, and we will continue to monitor our strategy to protect our valued employees, customers and communities. Should any changes be necessary in our operational status, we will act accordingly and update each company’s statement as quickly as possible.

How We are Keeping Employees, Vendors and Customers Safe

Our team is following the CDC health and safety guidelines and precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees, vendors and customers.

Here are some of the steps we are taking to protect our team and yours:

  • Social distancing – employees must remain 6 ft. apart from one another when on company property.
  • Regular disinfection – we are regularly sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces on company property to prevent spread.
  • Mask mandate – all persons  on company property must wear a mask.
  • Hand washing and sanitizer stations – we encourage all of our employees and visitors to regularly wash their hands based on CDC guidelines and utilize our sanitizing stations throughout the property.

More About Our Team

The UEI® Group companies are worldwide industry leaders in the supply and manufacture of foil stamping and embossing products for the graphic arts, social stationery, printing, packaging, labeling, plastics, and textile industries. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, USA UEI® Group’s products are highly sought-after for their reliability, precision, artistic crafting and innovative efficiencies.

Our offering includes engraved flat dies; rotary dies and tools; lock-up systems; hot, cold and digital stamping foils; makeready materials; and decorative glitter.

We have always valued providing high-quality customer service and now, our team is working to ensure that we can continue to provide this to our clients by maintaining a healthy place of work.

We make quality and customer service number one and we are committed to constantly improving our products and services in order to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of our customers.

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